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Big Brother is Watching You: WSQ Park Tour with the Surveillance Camera Players

Did you know that Washington Square Park is the second most-monitored place in all of New York? Many of us there head there to relax or meet friends. Did you know that this place of refuge is also a place of mass snooping, and that cameras are hidden in the most unlikely places tracking our every move? Does it make us feel safe? Worried? Outraged? How does this knowledge affect the ways in which we gather or think about community?

Since 1996 the Surveillance Camera Players (SCP), a shadowy group of men and women, have been watching the watchers. They track the trackers. And sometimes they even perform specially-written plays just for the benefit of the security cameras they discover. Join the SCP for a special, eye-opening tour that will make you see Washington Square Park - and post-9/11 New York - as you've never seen it outside of Hollywood thrillers. Sign up here!

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