Laundry Facilities

Laundry at Carlyle is easily accessible.  Each tower has it's own laundry room in the basement.  All machines are run via NYU Campus Cash and cost $1.00 per wash or dry.  All laundry rooms are open 24 hours per day.

NYU Residents can access the Campus Cash account login via NYU Home.  

Should you ever experience issues with the laundry machines, dryers, or card reader, you can submit a service request to Hercules by visiting their support site.  

Should you ever need to be reimbursed for a load of laundry, you can submit a request via NYU Campus Cash here.


Laundry How-To

  • Ensure that your campus cash account is active, that there are sufficient funds in your account, and that your NYU ID is activated.  
  • Load clothes in to an available washer or dryer. Note the ID number of the machine (located on the front).  
  • Address the machine selector panel (pictured) and swipe your NYU ID downward through the card slot.
  • Select the corresponding number for the washer or dryer.  
  • The washer/dryer control panel on your machine will display the prompt to select a cycle.  
  • Add your detergent or dryer sheets & don't forget to set a timer.